Submit Your Story

Documenting the accounts of  on-campus sexual assault survivors is incredibly important, and an act of bravery. We understand you may not be ready to share your story. That is totally fine and valid. Don’t feel obligated in anyway. We Believe Survivors thinks choosing to share your experience will make a difference, and works toward creating a safer campus for all students.

We have set up an anonymous suggestion box on a 3rd party website, which sends any testimonials we receive to our email.

Steps to Submit

  1. Go to
  2. Write as much as you want about your experience, include what you feel is important
  3. We Believe Survivors gets emailed a copy of what ever you share, no information is collected from the sender
  4. We will use your anonymous experience in various ways, full details in FAQ.


Thank you in advance. You matter, your story matters, and We Believe You.