What is We Believe Survivor?

A group of Brandon University students, who are documenting the stories of sexual assault survivors on campus

How do we expose the ways that Brandon University has re-victimized survivors of sexual violence without subjecting survivors to backlash for speaking out?

We Believe Survivors is providing an opportunity for survivors to share their stories anonymously.

What do we hope to achieve?

  • Despite the fact that breaking the silence can feel impossible, we would like to provide a space where survivors can share their stories while feeling validated, heard and potentially make a difference on campus
  • Expose that sexual assault IS happening on campus, regardless of the fact the BU administration maintains no sexual assault has happed on campus
  • Create unification and solidarity amongst survivors
  • Pressure the university to make changes to their sexual assault response policies, so that survivors can report and no longer feel silenced, blamed or rejected
  • Address and alter rape culture attitudes and beliefs on campus

In what ways would We Believe Survivors share the stories?

  • Post on our blog and/or read openly to shed light on the struggles and perseverance of survivors at Brock
  • Creation of a public art display speaking out against sexual assault, ensuring anonymity is maintained
  • Present to the Administration’s Task Force on Sexual Assault to alert them of the realities of sexual assault for Brock community members

How can survivors send their stories to We Believe Survivors?

  • Email us at
  • Drop Box
  • Private message us through facebook at
  • *Please include any trigger warnings you want to be included

Why and what should I submit?

This blog has been created by students for the purpose of giving students who have experienced sexual assault at Brandon University a voice, and to make Brandon University aware of student dissatisfaction with their sexual assault policy. Experiencing sexual assault can be a traumatic experience, and we are looking to provide a space where student’s voices can be heard as a form of therapeutic release. Although we are looking for students to share their stories, we also acknowledge that art can be a powerful medium for healing after experiencing an attack. If you or someone you know has produced art in any medium through their healing process, and are interested in sharing please contact us to work out the inclusion of your art.


About submitting a story:

  • We will black out all names or any other information that may tie stories back to individuals
  • When sending a story by e-mail, for privacy, we suggest sending from a non-Brandon University e-mail account as Brandon University has the ability to access all BU e-mail correspondents
  • Survivors of all gender identities are welcome to submit their stories
  • All submissions sent to us by email, blog, or facebook will receive an electronic confirmation

Some survivors may feel that the anonymity of this project provides them a unique opportunity to share their stories. However, We Believe Survivors acknowledges that some survivors might also feel that removing names is an erasure of their survivorhood and agency.

Why will We Believe Survivors keep stories anonymous?

  • We anticipate this project will likely generate push back since social conventions typically silence survivors of sexual assault. Therefore, to protect survivors and to reduce the risk of this project being shutdown, we have made the difficult decision to make all stories anonymous.

If you are a survivor and would like to have more ownership in the telling of your experience, please let us know as we will work together to create away for this to happen. 

We acknowledge that there are often similarities of survivorhood as they all exist in rape culture; but we also honour that every survivor’s story is unique and although they might vary, each experience is valid.

We understand that after an assault it can feel incredibly isolating and silencing. It is very difficult to share your story. If you’re not ready to share, that is also okay.

Sending support and love,

We Believe Survivors